our reality



the blood

11 crown amarean tenets



Do not scoff this joyous universe, for each ephemeral residue is an odyssey of pleasure. Point your ribs to the poles and stand, chest first towards a star. Sail the light through your Kundalini - two pronged serpent tongue, stabbing the meat of the world with your lust for oblivion. The infinite is in your soul my friends! 

Do not wander for the sake of wandering. Wander for drink that will whet your dry mouth, for your cerebral dustfast can end with a thick book fronting your diamond cast eyes. Cry with spell smiles, laugh spiritiously with the Wiccan droplets - Platonic solids radiating from your own sunrise, where the Eb and flow of Elysium warms our wind tipped lips. We dance Khatishly - still in our movements, diffused through the ONE.

Be open my friends to anything and remember, no matter how great your steps  are, you still walk on the same ground as anything else! You still gaze up at the infinite cosmic expanse, above. Your matter, a hologram, where we cast our own reality out of - Sapphires into Peace Lilies that sow the seeds of Samsara through the gut of the universe. We are Raja and the Moon cosmically tied, reincarnated into our human form, love-dreaming art to make the universe whole again.

However, our 8 limbs, powered from the friendly photons magnetized towards my cranial coils, flitter bright as Orion. Our instruments, whether it be the end - the precarious occasions extruding from my knuckles or the lingual summoner snake to my teeth - they produce what ethereal mastery the reincarnated soul has trained for. Expand your power, ladies and gentlemen! Train to your hearts content not for your social ego but for your own selfish desires. Bask in the hopamine that you will find an inner softness between your chest, warm palmed and 999.

Manifesto Tenents.

  1. We give each other in any way we can absolute, unconditional support to never stray from the path and pursue our passions.

  2. Armed to the teeth with cathode rays, we create with only positivity and surrender to the highest amplified vibrations.

  3. And with this sacred trust between artists, we express ourselves, unhindered, free as the breath after emerging from the trial’s volcano, embracing the courage to burn our true passions and identities into the world. 

  4. We create intentional works, each stroke an artery, flowing life into the organism of creation. Biogenesized - the art melds with the photons of the audience, opening their throats to goblets of their own blood, fusing their visceras together!

  5. Inspiration shines from nature, the ancient arts, science, and other sources that will strike a worm-hole into the hearts of human minds to ascend us into an Age of Bliss.

  6. We pray where prayer is due - empathy and love for every living being is in our plasma, pumped by the knowledge of how to use our divine powers as Amarean Beings. Eat a plant in Metropolis and if you must - hunt to survive in the Jungle.

  7. The pink fingers of Dawn guiding our hand until the Moon’s exhausting chisel has broken a chip in our spine to sleep. 

  8. There are walls between we must walk, illuminated by only our own light to establish a non-monetary necessitated framework of self-art evolution! We dine in empyrean gardens levitating on pranic waves that wash our most positive creations through the planet. 

  9. So we embrace the freedoms on the road can give us! Adventure through space, time, and our own selves.

  10. We give back in any way we can to support the unifying forces of the world. Bricks of empathy and compassion out of which we will construct into our own art temples.

  11. We recognize that we are just a collection of ideas, that the world is primordial matter and matter is put together into shapes. The same shapes we’ve been playing with since we were children. With our creations we mold our reality from the highest parts of heaven.

Here can all reach our full potential as ego-less channelers of creativity. As ultimate Amarean Beings!