the marrow

become a citizen of the Sovereign State of the Amarean Isles


Our crown purpose is to establish a community that cares deeply about the integrity of every creative medium we adopt. We hold a golden vision in our hearts to materialize a space where artists can fully live off their craft. We want to structure a society that gives its citizens comfortable financial and cultural support that any artist would need to create art through divine guidance to their truest beauty. Welcome.

We are a nomadic chain of metamorphalogical sky islands centralized under the amareanline. The amarean isles exists to build a deep bond between passionate artists through a society like community. Our Sovereign State connects us through citizenship. The universe whispering through the spines of human atoms in the Marrow, Blood, Hands, Eyes, Tongues, and Feet can give us powers of vast creative potential, far greater than anything one person alone could achieve. An inhabitant can reside in the isles of the ethereal amarean organism, regardless of any other type of identity or nationality they have.

There are currently 58 inhabitants.

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With the bliss loving frequencies of the universe through my movements and the photons of the Divine as witness imbued of my own consciousness, I swear that my being will carry out this oath and indenture according to my judgement and ability.

I declare an oath that I will support the sovereign state of the amarean isles and the amareanline manifesto for the ascension of all amarean art, including my own; that I offer my unconditional love and support in establishing a space for total positive creative self growth and expression; that I will do my best to reach my full artistic potential as an ego-less channeler of creativity; that I will not involuntarily give up any essential element of my self identity or allegiance to other sovereignties which I am or will be a subject of.