dream stories




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born between whitecap waves
a serpent living in the belly of the sea
swallows a dog

greeted by other kind pups
to heal the snake
and calm the swells


the story of a soul throughout its many reincarnations | written and illustrated by caco


on a cliff side looking over the sea, the water was clear and greek

i jumped into the water but fell for too long. my body was embraced by a current of ink. 

i found myself with a black beast late of the sea ground. i was in a dream.

i eased my fear. but each form the beast took which i overcame, a more disturbing form would i see.

i chose a stone from the sea floor and hurled her against the cliff behind the beast, occupied with morphing forms.

the blind beast followed the sound of the cracking stone against the cliff and let me walk away. 

i looked up at a temple built into the cliffside. reaching its peak was crucial.

there was a dysphotic entrance in the cliffside and i walked in. manifestation. without a steady breath my fears would wake me up.

i entered the cliffside filled with two waters. the water which i was under, which had become the air i was breathing. and the water which had become her water. it fed the plants and the falls inside the temple. it spilled over the fountains and the walls. 

i walked through the temple towards its peak. 

i spit out my teeth and felt my mouth — without bones 

i wanted a silver tooth.


damp trees and damper bone

a blue rock waiting for the right words, the right pieces on the right boards

a man speaking to a stone

a rock --- opening its mouth, vomiting chess pieces and chalk


dank jungle pyramid, a millennia before

a crashed plane, its passengers swimming up the shore


vines or green water that just won’t dry

laughter from a blue eyed guy with

light always shining in one eye

one pupil forever shrinking in size


a man a lion and a crocodile on the other side

bathing his daughter

serpent’s tale 

swift as the jungle’s tongue

leaves a girl alone in the water


a millennia later, a relic exhibit

a girl plays with chess pieces


a pawn placed blandly on a wooden board 


old friends on a balcony

overlooking the sea

inhale the breeze and watch from different eyes

your eyes are not your own

your eyes are somewhere else

with someone else


with a snakehead hose

filling a cup with tongues

greedy gulps in spring


spring falling on the sea

the ocean changing taste 

i don’t think i am asleep


rocking winds don’t wake me