bliss verse




You have opened to our full collection of poetry and prose, sculpted out of the carver's emerald chest


The following poem was written by a computer program, directly from the heartdrive - any views or opinions expressed within should not be taken as representative of that of its programmer, jared jolton.


I rain eyes.


Tho nave much the time

To fur their pheasants shuts for the mother the son, sky it headed the naw the ocher tough sleep.

Older tans, ry spring as a dispute

o yellowhedsandar who and weenier assume


Lied stars

Rate unhide of this,

Lage witrel a barman clack



Of —-




And She Painted with Growing Flowers

Behind the man that spoke of a god that
lived in the in-betweens so many miles away,

she only knew of an old story that was
her mother’s and her own, that
She learned to tell again and again
as if she were just whistling or dancing-

Many years raced over and started
rolling past all the gods and goddess,
breaking apart each strand of ice,
this story began years before
humans crossed quickly on
slip-thin bridges of ice to windswept hills,
following creatures lumbering slow in the grass.

Slaves also came to exist here, as children.
She was born amidst all of this, as a slave
playing in lilting ponds that would
grow into the sea or ocean.

Runa dipped her fingers into the freshwater
and swirled it, stained with all the dyes
from the lavender, iris and milkweed
she was slowly growing to learn how
to paint with more than just flowers crushed
and pinched between her thin fingers.

Do not forget that not long before
this story began there was only
orchid and grass so blue surrounded
by birds, by chickadees and deer and
pine martens creeping through rockfoil
and fleabane fading away into the salmon-shaped shade
cast by ferns and maybe groves of ash.

She became sick and spit when
her brother touched her and her father
sent her far off, to Grafton, away from her mother,
and she ran into the forest every day and
danced until the night snuck its way past the
branches and around her shoulders.

The gods and goddesses danced and sang in
these woods once, knocking over each other and
standing neck-deep in puddles so they could
open their mouths to mock hungry flowers
and rabbits, she didn’t see any of these gods or goddesses,
just the animals they slowly turned into and
they still wrote poetry so they asked for her
name since she lived like something safely tucked
into a headscarf finding shelter in the eternity she
saw in the goldfinches’ song, she made her way
through the forest and sketched down
a map on the papery surface of a beehive,

etching each creek and their bends, even her
favorite cave that she shared with a work horse
and something else.

Before she finally made it to the other side of the forest
there were a dozen Runa, maybe more, and they
came to divide themselves, like their thoughts,
in the breeze between strands of grass and they
sang in distant harmony, and they could hold hands
and were all their own sister, one of them would
prod and tickle fires, fashioning a cape from the smoke
and the Runas would go every which way
and they all could be in different places at once,
pulling apart the shafts of light and becoming
taller or darker, one Runa could sing loud
with a raspy voice, and another Runa, without
any forethought could become the dirt that
feeds a small chokecherry bush, even more
importantly, Runa could be hard spot in crowds
where she could resist every kind of stillness. 

Hunting at Night

It seems that many people have to hunt
for god, and whenever they did,
it was mostly at night, anyway,
fighting was always easier in the dark.

Parkcenter Boulevard
is where I saw him first,
tall with tight hair made fine
and smooth enough for holding.

His face was softer than the soles of his feet,
and people called him pretty,
even if it was a sullen beauty,
and it only bothered him sometimes.

He preferred to have features
more like hammered steel,
more thin and sharp, like razor blades
hidden away in bowls of Halloween candy.

He pulled a bottle of whiskey from
his purse, and he shuddered
when he drank from it, and giggled too,
like the little boy he was once.

He offers me the bottle and says, It’s decent,
doesn’t burn your throat much, besides,
if it did, then maybe men might listen,
I take a long pull and shudder too.

The bottle slips back into the bag as
quickly as he takes a drink, he says,
One to make oblivious flesh, before drinking again
he adds, To ensure fleshless oblivion.

Before long his phone buzzes
and he’s off, answering an invitation to
fly to heaven, hoping this will bring
him one step closer to actually leaving.

God is mourning now, unable to speak in clarity,
and whenever she does it is only in hymnals,
I wonder if there is song enough for him,
as he goes off, wanting to fuck this person into shrapnel.

I wonder, if after all of this that there is still
a home to go to, that there is still a chance
for children to meet an embrace meant for a god,
but I realize that’s all they actually have left.

He meets me at Wiseguy’s in an hour like he said he would,
he’s smiling at me a little bit, and digs in his purse for some

folded bills to buy a couple slices of pizza, I ask him what he keeps in there,
A lot of things, he says, mostly things I can’t stand to lose and
whatever people have no problem abandoning,
like names, doorknobs, pennies, socks, eachother. 


there was a dog,

named khora,

and she loved to

run into fields,

to sniff at flowers,
quickly she went
into the fields,
running into the brush
and darting past
the short pine
and fallen branch-

she feared
and ran from
turkey all
wild and big,

yet paused for
the awkward quail,
and for the purple lupine
and lavender,
the phlox and thistle,

maybe to nibble

at the yellow balsamroot,
her heavy head


that wet

and eager nose
touching close

the tender earth

and the bodies
of each flower,

with their silken

petals she would

be gentle, perhaps

more than myself,

and she was always

rising into the air,
letting herself move
with it,
and there were

bees collecting

their quota of


that slowly hovered,
and she could

mimic the bees

in their adoration
with such ease-

none of this

was done with

thinking what

might be better,

what could be 

better, and it 

was obvious to

see the world was
wrapping itself
around her,
and not

and i could
relish in her
wolffish smile,
and lordly
at having
scared off the
ups delivery driver,
or so she thought,

and in the way
that she would
go to sleep,
head resting
against tomorrow,

and she could
tell us all so 

much of love
by way of
toe nibbling
or how she
might sniff
the air,

and all at once,


all might please her,

and she made me
long to be happy-
like khora,

and often i see
her ridged back
in the mountains
and i hear her
in the sighs
of my friends,
the shape of
her is wrapping
itself around
the world-
and it is
a continual,

Blis Rap

Sine Wave (Birth)

Joy up on my plate
Going hard on my plain
Royal for a day till the pain in my brain

Fuck her like a sine wave
Plus I switch everyday
Do it on a Friday
Beauty every single way


Pussy on a Saturday
Cumming easy cus I meditate
And I'm whipping like a motorcade
Fight Attila in a better way
I'm beaming like a mosaic

Mind fly while the bitter pray
On the sea with a rose chain
sip a sea made Of rose

Blank old chant like psycho man (cook it up)
While Tyco stand with the light in his hand
Imma ride home dance like the stars in my pants Imma
Fly home soul in the dice and the chance
Imma hide my home in a dome like Atlantis
They Can't understand so I put it on a pamphlet
Look he's gambling
She dancing

I feel fantastic
You are my dragon
We reeking havoc
Love seek imagine
To light the match tip
These freaky ashes
Like burning plastic
Until it pass us

Quiet bliss wild flower
More dimes than a fountain
Sirens sing fire power
virus made the mind ours
Can we kick it for an hour?
Bodies warm like gunpowder

She Fuck me like a sine wave

Bust Busted like a solar Ray

Wanna hit it every day
Chill out like namaste

Love me like a solar Ray
Whip it and show the way

Call me like show me show me

So I say

Planted an agaricus that terreform Americans
And run up with the serum fort for parrots in your garrison
perilous you'll carry them to origin
Various in arrogance join in
And you must lead to a truth of reason
Charon handing us coins and leave ya
Mona Lisa been avoiding Giza
Nice to meet ya eyes join Elysium
Look around the room moony greet ya
Rumors breeding that you might need him
Sleeping easy cus blue is breathing around me

Here is garden
Where is my heart then?
In space with the darkness
Solar encourage dream
where is my garden

Monument to
the miracle permanence grow your food

Helix (The Virus)

antennas of mind
gold and the filigree
well its killing me till the dawn of bliss energy

Rivers of light in my body
Float like I'm Ali
liquid like Dali
I'm Feeling so godly

Over Helical star sea
Follow your heart beat
In color like star beams
we started dark street
I gotta get real bliss
My body's my spirit
I know you can feel this
I know you can feel it
You told me what God is
When I had no tricks to flip or shit to sip

God is in the helix
Can you feel it can you feel it
Boy have I been fiending for some joy (honestly I )
Burning like a Phoenix
I been Blissing leaning healing

Working I been searching For my voice

Pay us up pay me love

Rolling in slow
Over the mountain you go
Fountain of youth for your soul
Rolling in the past
roll in the past with the hoes
Chain ain't gone break in store

Sun on my blade like I'm inca
Rose on my ankle
Love at my fingers
Gun with osmosis I know
I'm jonesing for something my soul

Elixir of names glow
Reassemble a rainbow
Colored like stain glass
Scintilla in plain clothes
Body of angels
lucky my brain froze
Infinity say something we
Slip from the same mold
Insanity chain gold
Humanity flames grow
Liquid like Dali
This is my body
Liquor of godly

Ya all my sonics
On hydraulics like Impala
And ya got the model with the mana like her allah form
sautéed like some spinach
I'm a winner offing cynics

Blurry blissing more ambition
Than patricians on

Mission switching the prayer flows
Say hello
They say it's mechanical

Illusory animals
say your brain barely full
Fairy materials
Malleable metal
Magnetic vibration that wear a soul
For which you creator and warrior
In Hatred and joyous love

You flicker like fire does

The blind say I'm high enough

Follicle brush
My mind is antenna to any sun

Okay honey you love me I'm rolling humbly when I be on top and now you be feeling a g
The earth is my body
And in floating like Ali
And I know
So I know God

Where we could be
All will sea
On an endless sea of energy
Will be free
Take what you need

Elements sing beautifully
Be your creed yea speak your mind look to sky to find your dream
Take what you need
In love with peace
All Human beings must be free
we must be free
but I’m no man to take u there

Through helical star sea

follow your heart beat

in color like beams

follow your bliss.

The Body (Proclamation)

You high as I’m floating
You hitting the quotient
You bitches be oceans
you rich as the ocean
you fuck with motion
I’m high with my potion
Im running to roses
a flow like pneumonia
Im sipping magnolia
This pistol is stone bruh

Acrobatic human body bounce
Illusion body fusion in the now
Aramaic writing in her mouth
Snake goddess flying in a cloud
Molokai I'm surfing in a sound
What am i a zero with a crown
Cus I don't want the money or the house?
Honey place Nero in the ground
Money made arrow weigh an ounce
Hit ya with a hundred better nouns
Warrior allowance for the clouds

Woke up feeling blessed
Loki bless my flesh Lord

Potion Ruby red
Purple blood express

King of the wings
Sing to a sphinx
We got Angels

Language the same in the brain
Of a djin
But I play for I fall

Look to the sea
love is the key
Fall in the sun
While the color moan dreams
On the skin of a drum
Words for the free
Sticky like a beauty gun lick it like I murdered them
Your fucking right I murdered them
Wit catalytic atom bomb
A Metaphoric battle hymn
A tenement to hanuman
American inverter man
A shadow in the court of law
Camo King Kong When they come along
Split your jaw

Lux on the pharaoh scene
Plucked you from the terror stream
Fuck your emergency
Flex in the Caribbean
Flesh in the merriment
Relax and be
Relax and be

Borealis circuits
Cut me from our culture like surgeon

Spoke with hali swerve uh
Language in my voice baby
Joy led sermon
Emergent apparatus of a Merlin
Comet made a warship
Geodesic earthship
hope that it was worth it

High as I'm floating
You hitting the quotient
I'm whipping it coasting
New women be pouring in
I'm rich as the ocean

Lately I feel okay
Feeling mellow

Stunting like a Rockefeller
With a parallel to love in my cerebellum

Yea My Body movement flare when I'm sipping venom
Foreign goddess at my home better call

Stone got me on the phone like I kill somebody

Rose acting like she known I was Fibonacci

Worlds got like I'm Orpheus returning happy

What a feeling when you know yea its cinematic

And my Atoms have a glow
Like I'm angle data

You could be awake in their dream or phantom
find what you need in a soul
And stand up

And I'm seeking new infinity with Golgi bodies
Wrote A Magna Carta full of photocopies
Walk on haliaka I slow to stop and
Pineal gland sang
We wont be divided
Now I'm yin and yang
In the silence

causal lightning trees
Sway in mausoleum
Of conscious being

We are the seekers
Already home
We are the Angels and Demons parts of a whole
Parts In a soul man

Still a Sinner man with a hand in the falling sand.

The Brain (Genius)

plug a cord into my brain and I feel gorgeous Ay
And she nocking on my door with some poison Ay
Now we walking leave the courtyard where the sirens fade
yea I woke up with the power like I'm Henry eighth

Rhyme archipelago man
Amethyst animal plan
Search for the antidote chant
Never be amateur chained
putting my soul in the flames

Bacon on my mind like I been cooking shit cook it up
Yea she so playful so am I she tell me steer the ship

Fuck do you think is
Eternity calling us
I fuck like an antelope run up
I'm cooking up Benjamin's
She look like a Georgia o keef
When she sunny
I'm Looking for what I believe in or something
Velodrome brain in a circle my nigga
There he go breaking the leash

Sherlock I found u a lead
yea it might kill ya in minutes you figure
Just look at the light on the sea
Now I'm in Crisalis singing

My Butterfly wing and the key
In ignition I gotta get it
I'm running my being Won't let me
I yelling for Stellar
Like is this a dream

And what did the butterfly say? (Zhuangzhi)

(Since I could know my name
Everything grow and change
Equivocal separate
And decimals won't play
Cronus became a ray
Motion been set in place
Moments are just for you
They Slowly posses the moon
What could I say or do
To fuck with a holy muse)

Atomized Butterfly sing underwater
Won't matter if violets grow on my body
my satellite tell me the letters they know why you’re calling
my poetry conscious
made of our conflicts
and bliss of a long sleep
broken by consciousness
falling and falling and falling

whipping off the course like I’m the pilot ay
write my fourtune in the waves its like the fire say
you’re important to the story the entire way
we got forces on our side its like the jedi

Alchemical senator
Save Jericho from the gods
Aleppo could call you now
Uranium in the ground
Ukrainian leopard lounge
The chains I'm in through the clouds

Pluck the bombs from black sky
Let rip in my stomach
Euthanasia their crown
Electrics say they not happy

Love drumming on my window
Just Let me into your temple
My Arms are the Helio
So let me know what you been through

Orange juice of Papaya
Throw the structure to the fire
Music beaming me higher

Who could see em like Elijah
Storm brewin by the Nile
Eucalyptus require
I Talk with Huey so im guided

Blue sapphires say Youre awake in a basilisks dream
That won't stop you
Now walk on the alkali sea they wont catch you no way Ay
And take a look at these police no confession
Concession of economic
They Wanting us catatonic
With climate so hot so
I Could never get em
This Armageddon can't stop our message

No system oppressing my center yea
Shout out Syrian paramedics stitching tendons up in a second

And the children whos parents left em
Cus they felt they couldn't get em into heaven

So I beckon
Uriel's poetry being
Don't Kill the King
That's evolution
Truth is your weapon
to Break illusion
and paint your future yea

We got a way Ay to be free
That they'll never see
But I'm a hypocrite baby
don’t listen to me

Oh our souls free

Who Io’s many streets are you finna be
Oh our souls free
Waking from a dream now you see you winning g
Alchemy up in the streets
How you be when you are free
I could leave in peace but g

Pressure on my chest like how a diamond made
And here Is Death up on my doorstep for a dinner date
Hope I impress her with my mixtape on the fire escape
(Switch up the pleasure more than six ways I will find my way)

Phoenix on top of this
I fly to Galapagos
Achilles who do exist
His heal is gold (Helix Sold)
My sonics helical
So here we go
My Empirical Empire
Improving through burning fire
Give me singularity or a fairer trial
more money and better smile more time to be a loving child no no no

Walk a day to give Prometheus his fire back
then ride a day until the sirens fade
I Lost my gaze calling all the stars by name
And talk with God until my body fade

We got a way to be free that they won't believe
But I am partial to their poison so we shall wee
And my heart is with the soil and the buzzing bee
So I guess I am embroiled in your entity

plug a cord into my brain and I feel gorgeous

Identity (Antenna Trees)


Who am I to know your energy

blue stone in river smoke rising



Its all True

Im a piece of you


Just love yourself and let your soul grow

But is it you

Or am i orpheus
in a moment gorgeous bliss

made of earth and clay

on the ocean waves

what your master say

what these voices say?

who am i who am i in the light who am i
who am i a minute dies
a minotaur
while I’m alive

no villains in my mind or psylocibe
won’t change this disco of all i know
violet lines in whitest snow
elijah climb white city bones
culture cry you got no own

culture cry you’ve got no home


Who am I to know your energy


Discord of Bliss oppossites
while I’m alive ill be dumb
violet line singing sine wave signal pulses
Just love yourself
and let your soul

undress my soul

Imma Imma Imma let it go when it feels right

Hammer Hammer Hammer let me know when it feels right

Love is identity

pluck out the antenna trees

grow with telemetry

love is identity

On the ocean of ancient light

100 billion faces unite

what you chasing right

is what you make at night.

Memory (Dada)

Blast at your punk ass
and All of the lies
Sycophant syncopate
To the sound of my mind
And the chant bring a dance of holy body be changed
yea we dance in the rain till the body relay

Hit you with a different flavor
Like a laser
Looking for the seventh savior
In a glacier

Wish I'd never seen my name up
In a quasar
Feeling like a young Vader
Read the Vedas
Tripping like its in my nature
My behavior
Flicker like I switch a phase YA
And I fade ya
Sipping on some liquor blaze up
feeling major
Pissing on the fucking traders
Make em pay yea

Chop chop
Clocks in the gun shop
Rock with his monster
Motor booty hunter
Fly to Shri Lanka
Hey what chu been thru with the mantra? fly with the mambas

Drop top calico copter
Fuck till your socks off
Now you want a doctor
Chop chop
Walk in belly of a monster
Fucks your reactor

Selling soul Imposter
Where my helicopter?
I Swapped her
For the relish of a little vodka
Exotic pasta
In the Death Star
Messed up
In Alabaster tomb I passed out
Blessed up
I'm In a glass house
With Alexander

Tesla with belly dancers
Feeling gangster

Dress up from his antlers
To his ankles
Chest full of holy ramblings of a

Build a planet with my friends and
we really trancing
Feeling like its incidental but we dancing

Build em out of silver, gemstone and anthem
Children of the instrumental in Atlantis
Feeling like I'm singing sense to
A Sunny dragon

Ceiling fans in every castle in Minneapolis
Sailing on the river jim say we free at lazerous
Hades on the river bank bitch youll couldn't catch us
Feel your body move in the pastures

When the bassy boom you feel younger
Body move the floor like a tumbler
Put em a tomb with a number
Waiting for a room in a jumble
Hold up

Dreams in assembler
Love in the trees
I remember
Diamond amethyst in my center
Clap clap
To left
Last light supernova crash right into

Culture Trap and silver inelastic sinew

Internet of things sing when do we end you

be of one brain on the menu

Make a city jump on the rooftop
Culture maybe grow to the future
Make a little love in the treetop
Fatally I be too Lucid
Later feel the end of medusa
Truth say
Drop to your roots stuff
oligarch is doomed in the moons love
Take em on a run in a bloom game
Layered in love in the roots of petunias

em into bone with bazookas
Meet ya where the truth fly
Great Union spoke ahh

God is the mind of a human
Course he play the tune like he blooming
Speak your mind

Feeling like a young Vadar
Read the Vedas
Tripping like its in my nature
My behavior
Flicker like I switch a phase YA
And I fade ya
Sipping on some liquor blaze up
feeling major
Pissing on the fucking traders
Make em pay yea

Chop chop
Clocks in the gun shop
Rock with his monster
Motor booty hunter
Fly to Shri Lanka
Hey what chu been thru with the mantra?

Last night pouring liquid light in my engines
Looking right around as They stand to attention
Soldier of the many break a chain with my henchmen
Write in the ice with a sound of my sentience

Get Dressed on quest blessed
Am I
Last night took a breath and I drove to the sky
On the road to the sky on a road for the free
Last night get dressed drove to the sea
More for the mind and more for the me

Hit you with a different brain ya
Look it change us
hickory a smokey flavor
Lick the flames up
Looking for different a savior that would make you
Break your chain God
Animate ya

Feeling there's a way for to go

You is nature

Till you play God

And We made love

Till the Last clouds in spring

Mechanical brain
And I still manage to reign
Heracles animal crane
And it need energy chain
Twenty see anarchy flames
One with key lobby

Head of the crane
Water seen burning the rain
Shadow beam turn its antennas to

Last night
I lost my body in the flashy lights

Something so savory
And Nobody saving me

something courageous like

But last night

Last Night

Last Night

I lost my goddess in the castle I

Last night

Last Night

Last Night I lost my body in the flashy lights
Last night
something so savory nobody could save me from
Cus Im one, cus I’m me.

in my smile
At The Road to my mind

They say u lie
Autocratic motor do depend on
On our minds
Violence die


sight sound

Build a body outa glaciers
In a clay cup
Will the water out a maize your
And you goddess levitate now
If you say so
All the forces in a matrix of your making
Olive branches on the mayflower
But they burning
All I saw was ants dancing on a pyramid
And I could be Charles Manson or a verdant
Garden filled with naked murders
Full of purpose
Fuck each other as the beauty curving
Like a serpent sipping circles
Looking at a shell of purple
Feeling gorgeous
In the oranges
Call the coroner feel
Like I'm Morpheus
Take a red pill
In my head still
Take a Benadryl cus I'm ill

Eating spaghetti in the Serengeti
Spitting my venom to every head in the desert
Come on!

Awake (Woke Up Feeling Great)

Woke Up
Woke up feeling great
Knowing no one could take my place
Woke up in the ocean with Amethyst upon my wrist Smoking that shit burning clouds making us a bridge Woke up
Woke up ay Woke up feeling great
No one could take my place
Woke up in a lotus with Ambergris up on my lips Aphrodite wanna cook it up Selling idols of her godly bliss
And Culture keep burning
But my cookie dough sweet and she curvy
I'm Growing a pyramid
By focusing though it seem slow I mean check you'll see nobody perfect
Nobody perfect okay Tho No one could take my place Woke up I’m feeling great
She checking me surfing Or was it my surrogate Anyway love is a circuit
Marvelous Apple tree know that I got it
I feel I could fly Woke up feeling great no one could take my place
Woke up in the ocean with Amethyst upon my wrist Smoking that shit burning clouds making us a bridge Woke up
Woke up ay Woke up feeling great
No one could take my place
Woke up in a lotus with Ambergris up on my lips Aphrodite wanna cook it up Selling idols of her godly bliss
And Culture keep burning
But my cookie dough sweet and she curvy
Then she roll next to me swerving Whip like she perfect
Serpent on Wheels of the words I searching
Roller to ecstasy bird sing Face like he Giotto my bassist a birch tree
Face like he (Ruben) Dario basically Percy Places no products in place he say poetry Trachea moded to speak of my choices Sneak in the garden to play on a Thursday
Ay Woke up feeling great RA
Snake on a platter speak u could be learning
Paint like he Jesus mullato in person Spit out my body and all in verse send Ruben my music I laugh while burning
Woke up feeling great

The Heart (A Love Supreme)

Heart, A love Supreme

A love supreme A love supreme
A love supreme A love supreme
A love supreme A love supreme
A love supreme A love supreme
A love supreme A love supreme
A love supreme A love supreme

Love is an ocean

Blood in the moment

Mud of the of the holy

There life love and flow in

Lungs fire i

Got No time for lies

All eyes open

You don't need to die

Just do what you do
Luck's truest you
Don't hide from the truth
Your eyes are the view

The universe upon my tongue

Holy city circle Round the sun

Easy baby don’t hold the rungs
Tricky chains I say heavens love

Pull up in my body yea
The sky love to follow
Flow slow like honey

Flying saucer love me

Yellow flower sing
Blooming by a tomb
Intellects that link
Blooming like the moon

Supunallah in we
Love run in my stream
Red Eyes on the walls
I fly while I fall see

Crystalline my pen
Consciousness within
Singing bout a friend
Alone with what he dreamt
A love supreme
A love supreme

Burning light stay
A Moment in the cage
I believe ur pain
Blood and fire say

Loving you is strange


Loving you is strange

Said the sunny day

Infinity loop made

Shadows in the cave
got something else to say

take off

Save yourself the strain

Blood and honey play
Neffratiti say
sow a Seed in my limbs
Make moves to be a king
Of you and nothing else

A love supreme

A love supreme

A love supreme

Death (The River)

The men who sold the world, can't taste the love we hold.
you’re dead lol.




Speak many languages Allez vous Jamais
I'll Never hang for dem Jungle mango King Sleep on 808s

Yea Every Saturday
I make new languages
Ride a manatee
Up on evangelists
And Lakmshi stand with this
Hopi genesis
Adobe finishes
Up on the Djin of bliss
Who steal your deepest wish eating Jesus fish
Me kalesi bitch
Eat your God
Like I'm Lancelot
Og chancellor
Opus cancel us
Endorphins dance a lot
In Dolphin Camelot
I draw the sword for God
I drawn this world for us
Rise Orpheus ahah
walk in orchards for I die
Walk and source arrive ah
Walk in helix eye hello to your life

Would you love if I ate the systems Sun and stars in my stomach ya Solar calling me so far lights years Summer starting light life could feel

There's Eclipse it's clear spiral Tripp on her stare


And she flipping her hair in the air

The Goddess of eloquence
Bless my tongue with a dalliance Golden medallion
call me stallion
Ask if there's aliens
Brain in veil again
Made a mammalian

Golden mycelium Deus
Take in the soul of eos Saturday Helio sailors Go to the citys ares

Smoking Sicily
And she be feeling me chill
chemical energy join as identity yea
And it be synergy when we on triptamines yea

Elephant booty be big and be beautiful Alkaline dream from umbilical Buddha build Silicone teasing and say im the Buddha still Mind ec museum go borrow old joyewolf Serum of Deum the joyous the Warrior

Finally I see Em like damn in my dm

Fire I'm seeking like Mariam freedom Of fire Been rising satellite nine
I fly like ice in sky
comet be free

I been zoning I'm an ocean Body frozen Mind is motion

And Our helix unloading A polymer motor

That contemplate alchemy Baking up soda

Make me a soldier
So I could fight all the shadowy forces Moving like horses
palliative melody potions
I Paladin poses
Muscaria hologram Moses
throwing out chains into focus
Flame in my brain it be molten

All my rings titanium Damien
Hominid with painted wings save his bling

Couldn't face the evil in
His radiance
Hey lil fish
Halo which Surrounded his wrist moony in deep outer space Matter chase

Ego tricks and God abyss

Wind Dispersion

I see weather dressed like a zephyr Pristine Crystal twist the whole system Ring what's cracking Baby bouncing like a Piston

King in the cut like the count of monte Cristo
Runnin round like I'm hanuman in moony body blissing Ounce loud on counter found a cookie like its Christmas

sipping ginseng With a copper string

In the wind

Couple crystals And I'm Circerco Shit is visceral Like a pistol

But I'm in

Self hear Callisto
A little nympho Stellar tinsel
Hear a minstrel
finna fix those Culture click clones That's a Win and win

Tribe grow down there
Light you flow star damnit
I'm standing like you rogue in a manner In a manor where u feel like a dragon Fuck Steve bannon

Still I get drawn in
Go to the world of the fallen
Till I get knowledge
Beautiful bullet are falling
Splatter their collegen helical hologram Miracle animate Adam and calm his animus Death in the color of his chest in economy Bent on the silence of the rest of the colonies Surfing on a man made river

Understand this a culture that would dance as it kill ya Libya
Familiar as the villain

Make him out a murderer and kill him
Though he may of did it did he?
Stand up on the podium and spit a boat idioms for idiots the senate to the city represented sold a brilliant American Dream
The only dream that I seen is supreme

Painted polar opposites hypocrisy apocalypse Serpent never minded for its children
Made of chocolate
Minimal Acropolis

Terracata caucuses
In Shadow of populous
Break away the body to a world that democratic
illuminate is Dracula
Circle better molecular tech
That chuck in Chechnya
With Those cultural spectacles
Leave your heart in the sediment sense of country and sentiment Infinite reasons to cancel it

Body is chancellor
Truth is something I want yes

I'm illuminate
Beauty flicker on my body Allusions to the godly truth will give u
Truth will give you

Shattering the seeker of the

Terrorism necessary to
circle of violence to divide us so we don't kill the killers War hungry congress Condelisa rice in a prom dress Rendered apathetic drowning in a guarded villa

While America the color killer

college killing
From Garden villas
blue gorilla round the sinner And tarnished silver
They would steal ya
Sweet Ophelia
They would kill ya

Still I could fall in Vanilla almond

Course vanilla be inside Me a part of we
I like to live beside the sea Fancy

Dance of delirium the aliens
Trance of American blank in the merriment agrarian

Killing college kids

Death death death dies in the arms of love Who

Evil agenda of the demon who stirring the cauldron

Singing in the wind Equivocal

Peaches ft. Gabrielle Azan |Scotty Bons|

She look like amethyst I feel so scandalous We never Stand alone I love my family

I love my family
We still be damn alone

Talk to my gramophone I need you dancing on

Our spaceship blasting off To places no one knows

Alexander shit
No more ambling Move like Lazarus
I Woke the alchemist Keep your candles lit We bioluminescent

While the night watches And the sky watches

Baby Don't play with them razor blades
I know No I won't I been feeling great
Going crazy in this fatal game
Where the cellophane wrap a fellows brain
Even when I know my body sane my mind Chasing dem paper planes Where is man who would help it change

Consolation is not the same

On vacation in the constellation
While the cost of making is a cost evasion Yea Bomb ignites by my Euphrates
While Platinum miners in space amazing Actualizing our future spaces

In Hidden places in the Appalachian
We break the painting and release the soul

Fall with truth to a beauty zone

Blue Cage (Water Prism)

Walk on the moon

I be eSpecially tuned Playing up early it's blue

Yea I got nothing to prove Chirping with birds in the zoo Specially you

I fall in your soul
U feeling my light
We fly bout the Galaxy twice Cup full of ice
Then into entropy dawn
And when u enter my song You in it u In it for life
walk on the Galaxy like
And u be beautiful light

Asking for spaceship Switchin in space like

Walk on the Galaxy

Oh there's body of mine That's
Walking on galaxy
Oh to be all me

Crystal harpys dancing Hope to be like Francis

Crystal garden ask me if I need an answer Plants hear my heat beat like I'm Francis

Blissful Heart beat dancin
With the Force of language
Still I be into a changelings
Silicone pollack a painting
Feelings be pouring paint in
Touring like touring Enigma be naming em Umbilical polyp a daisy friend

Body be hazy man
Illusion Go crazy damn Pollen I'm all in the mazes Swallowing all of the matrix Hollow like all your faces Columns and bases
Happily changing their phases Check out like tv ovation

My Tv on andradio saving my ambulance Tell me your candle lit

Children of the darkness seek precise Catharsis Anthem Like

La da da da da I forgot to shine A Salam

there is no doubt in
my mind that we running a lie for the money or something But it's still sunny or something

still we be running from something my body be jumping in pool for in the jello fight Audio satellite
Then still I'll be Energy when i die
there's No stopping the world that I'm in

Malachite butterfly
Battling how to fly
moony been choosing a dangerous thing

Stacking a Saturday night Cup full of ice
I met the love of my life
I met the love of my life Honey be light

Haunting my sight
I met the love of my life

circle the Galaxy e usually
I don't get past the fanatics who using me

But today Saturday

so I could battle they manicured psychopath while on my way back Ganymede tycho say Dracula tracking my back like a enemy drone in Iraq trap

Should I get strap Whod i protect

Damn the Antennas see Heavenly energy
I with my family
Yea yea

So I accept So I accept

Saturated with all our minds ambrosia n honey Who walk on the Galaxy

Jugular grow like stalagmite All of me Pouring out wine Off to


Circle a planet for two
Hoping you dont want to choose Holy computer resume
Oracle stated the truth
Im Walking on Galaxies

Humming and running I'm mumbling new melodies So talk on the phone with me
Ring hi
What're you wearing

Oh I

I'm In a Calico tailor piece Aaaaaa
I'm in a Zeppelin too! What a coincidence ha

that we are in the same room Nuclear bomb bones

My soul been introduced
And I feel naked ay
You sleeping in my room but I'm too wasted in the constellations ay

inner oscillations

No drone could let me loose
like music
Spinning Spirits on the loom finding no excuses

Ocelot stealing Pelicans ride I hear the voices inside Energy
ancestor joy of mine

At least for a time I'll be life

stories that will leave em signs

the voices of my ancestors Into


Orca sing
In acid tones

Circle back to home
Still I be High as the galaxies Heavy As stone don't be mad at me

Calico tone
Healing your soul with a scroll Helix afflict you with Alan keys

Let you make free will for sure

Free will and a moment bliss

Yea I got nothing to lose Work and interpret the view


Lay in the eye of Orion
Oh There's is the mind of lion

This is me buying time up for the blinded Bitches be showing like Midas

Check that the poems be guided Ask you to find it
Don't be so blind
Course of life till you die Feeling my

Check on my Zeppelin family Camouflage chemical malady Callously caught in a fallacy Carefully catch your Insanity ay ay

record my Saturday
Records on records I'm hiding in jekel Allepo injected with Spectacle deco

Now echo and echo bazooka of Devil
I stoop on the stoop with my boots like a gecko

I got prosecco perception
So truth over truth I Forget it in seconds

Nobody separate ooo and you feeling you
Walk in the room
With no tailer to essence

If that be true I needed you spirits assuming the form of our guesses

And if it be true
And it be true
Music umbilical action potentials Eleven eleven they lead me to heaven

Least that I reckon Genet

History be in my genes I am museum of being

High as the eye of orion
The diamonds are burning in fire

I am a science unguided decided Im ion debris The violence I lie to delighted by Midas is stolen

The fire decided We free or we dead On a sunny day

So check what's up his sleeve (And you make real so
It's all in my jeans

White lighter and g
Imprisoned by these instruments So Check what's up his sleeve )

Switch em like veteran Bedouin Nixon mujhadeen
Switch em flip which one
Is addicted to A dream?

Ay ay Ay
Singular like I'm the band Still I am king

King of ridiculous thing
Healing muscipula wings
Venus I'm flying a mile in dream in fling Helical hymn
King of the sycophants
Kill em with silicone
Doing my little dance
Stare at my ceiling fan
Moony know antidote to all of your feeling bad Give All of your feelings back

Caught me a star in the heart of my mind Why

Lost it again with my friends in sun
4 in the morning bird singing and time Floor made of voices third planet to rise

Now we living and loving it It's better than rhetoric

and better than settling In the death that pedaling My section no sedatives And now we Pelicans Our Elements elegant

Flower still bloom on tombs of evil human

But their love is illusions They eating right thru ya And flushing in fuscia Remove the confusing And crush ya like fusion

What r you doing
Hoe What are u doing?

You could be beauty Just if u tune in


Donuts with michelen man
switch it like Alchemy and
Post on the page you pretend
Homie u be like your friends
Ocean of which I'm supposing I am Holding on shit that I wish I could stand

Beautiful Weight of the poem Body be waiting for knowing Musical Alchemy made a destroyer A Warrior

Oculus licking the foil
Beauty sedated embroil
Waiting muscipula open
I paint ridiculous opus
Licorice Kicking the sycophant motion

Ocean of which I'm supposing I am
Hovering holy umbilical Chant Silica man

Yin and yang

I feel the weight of my clone Leave me alone Frankenstein beautiful poem Damn

I feel like love is bow Alkaline nuclear bones Switch a vehicular zone

Kitchen of regular joe
After the the fix of the flow
I feel the face of the floor
Kitchen of regular joe
I feed elixir to flow
Loyal joyous while I destroy us
With my choices
I hear i voices In the fortress of destroyer in the poison

With joy with when I'm the voice let you lift you off the floor Extortion bust the world in half

Searching be finding me enemies Circling me
Boiling of void of an energy

employing cynical melody End a regime

As you should be

Snow (Light)

Impossible things They lead me to love


My body is holy armor Armor
It cannot control me

I know why the

Why does the old spring cry Oh why
Does my heart sing lies

Does The snow spring cry Oh why
Does bow string fly

Yell at God not today Telephone to death stay Many wanna test they names Yelling on a quite spring day Yellow bloom by the road Ay
I could well start my own Home
Planet they cannot control No
Energy paint us a road

Up to the sky
Mon ami wanna go way high

Wanna be light
But can't leave my body

Desert to Canopy rise

(Tools for the moonlight ) Stuck in my feelings go high Simply we live in the zone

Switching the scenery up What you could find

I ain't coming down Ain't coming down Eating the clouds

Planted my mind in the heavenly cup and I ain't coming down down

By the moonrise

Three ghosts
Road far far far far Two moons in the sky Fly to the sky

Till we fine
Sinner man sinner man Who I am who I am

you're alive

In the falling sand
Time don't understand stand
where I am
So he climb to the ceiling of the sun

snow flow laughing

Cello play lost my way Stand up for all that I mean Fuck up the enemy brain We got the power to change We are The sun
Children of all we ever was

Fuck what the enemy say
I made made of energy chains Algae up in a mosaic Alchemy happily

Hold up to rah Home we are


Ay ay ay

Angiosperm adumbration Love of a pollen casing

Sacred ionic ballet
On ancient geometry plane Oculus rolling attained Place of the animal Flame Apollo

How do you know you are true?

Miraculous Dracula pouring immaculate aquifer Back in his vacuous acumen

Trap with him rap with him
Zephyr to Zeppelin
Solomon telephone all of the Sullivan's echo intelligent hologram halogens Avalon tree of the elements

Lily pad elegant helipad launching the littlest Adam and eve in the evening
into the sea
Helical seasoning healing the trees

Till I be free
Mini antennasll see The future we

flee on the dragon King of the flying things use em for seasoning As the seasons come

back of thedragon King

On Escapades in the Everglades where heaven lay in my escalades Slept a day now it escalate

From a poison lane Seneca sing a saying Origami fold elixir up

Paint your body like crayola
Oxy goddess from the solar
I see Lakshmi drip oxytocin
In my body mouth was open twisting Amber waves of light Sweet affliction of the fluxes fly Holy oxygen in rosey mind
Chest constriction like Boa my my It hit me like potion and I

Sip elixirs of the ocean and sky

If you fix me I'll be broken Mind inflict upon the motions

Many names all in emotions

And I'll change but there is a frozen
Spinning sun and stolen winter garden held with a moment Duality

Weighted conscious from Children of the sun
Paint your body like crayola


I Wanna go way high
Mes ami up in the sky
I Know that I only be mine

what a surprise
Up to the minds house

Sonar String

Alligator on the throne wait to feel immortal in an automated vyamana see a portal
Where ya brain is a mirror of the purest order

Epicurean Caterpillar ignore his orders

Holy motor in the zone like a Casanova
and my sound like a cloud made of xylocopa Hunch back on the throne like I'm Quasimodo
Yea I'm feeling like my past made Me don Quixote

Animate a thing I'm Miyazaki
You dont say a thing but you keep on talking

Wrote a letter to my body on some terracata An Heaven Open sesame like Ali baba

And I walk of out my body like an ocean of piranhas yea Moon honey comb yin yang In your brain
Blue intelligence in the rain

(Blooming silhouettes on train Bend your mind frame )

Abalone elements Combine Into an elegance

With collegen and blood and bone in godly building etiquette Albatross
Cross the ocean never lost
Magnet stone light the home of gods

Tarzan on a bar of xan
Shark skin in my party pans
Fling aptonyms at the Mars lander
Sip cardamom while the stars dance Swurv the body melt Dali man
Fuck a string like string theory
Mary Magdalene freaky chick
Mind Fuck your brain like I'm Tim Leary Fucking Jane like Tarzan
Marry main and side chick
Painted brains 3 sizes

Fuck the flames i dive in Pluck a frame for your iris Lux ablaze imma die rich Slurpy maker on my wrist This Purple paper and silence Pop flower like bar of xan Mariachi band at power plant

Talking flowers from the zone
Of a Demi goddess
xylacopa on the throne for a couple hours Turn to honey all the bones down in Okinawa We are free from the sin of stolen power
the open ocean

(Playing Xylophones made of hollow bone Fuck you up like Mcullys home
I got Myelin holes And i'm bellicose
Up In Monaco in the vellodrome)

Mix Ethereal mix with miracles Hailing bliss Maryam can hear you Ear elixir hope you get your fixture spirit full of This bliss addiction afflict ya culture serum dripping

Go to the see Grow what u need Ay

Holy motor in the zone like a Casanova
and my sound like a cloud made of xylacopa Hunch back on the throne like an immortal
Yea I'm feeling all these racks like we hit the quota

Animate a thing I'm Miyazaki
You dont say a thing but you keep on talking

Wrote a letter to my body on some terracata

Motions of American to bury em apparently

Potion of pyramids a parallel to Pericles

double edge knowledge of Pavlov
Teaching everybody to salivate at their enemies

Secret of beloved many legs of the centipede

Impeaching every president we running independently Speakers on an elephant we run it every century
Sleeping on a pelican our body growing celery
Phoenix on the battlements the valley full of roaring trees Ay

Course I'm on the moon in a wave
ship made of light in a way
Course you gonna move in way
sun and the wind and a sound in ya face Brain

Blood of the many will bend it Century
unity one bloody apple tree

Love to tell to me things that will be dreams of the future
Endless we

An Heaven Open sesame like Ali baba

And I walk of out my body like an ocean of piranhas yea Moon honey comb yin yang In your brain
Blue intelligence in the rain

Play it loud for our power plans

Lips you licking
Space delicious
Wish the vultures
Would take your carcass
So I could miss ya andd speak to God

Spaceship earth delicious dirt Haileys comet snow ice in urns Cart it back while the Pisces burn

Love Is How I Feel (fear)

Love is how I feel
Let me show you how I feel Right now
In cage I allow
And sound all round
In a Dream made love
in air
in the red blood

In strings of a young sun

Wind youuuuu Can't stop us

Cus we do this for love haha

In the air of a red sun
Ride an I and her head spin With the cries of all the world And she sail to waterworld

But the trail of the scholar fail
To conceal that it works both ways Then the fear grew inside the air And kings took away our share

The people had a vision

Food on every corner and you take it to your village Workin for minute
In a Circle like the senate
Future is the garden Got it backwards start to finished

Breaking every ceiling
Then we Surfing on some Helium

Pushing 7 billion
Till we Make the body brilliant
Spitting clairvoyant till I'm living in her image

Body being busy
Baby Earth about living

Love is how I feel

As we fly to a paronym Silicone and Terra sing
Any care was with him
In the myths of a vanished thing

Who I am everything
In a dream made love
In the wind the wind say
And the earth and the earth spin

For the love
I won't go
To the stars
Won't go
Cus love still sing And the sun still ring

Love brought me here over a river I cannot see What it bring

Now doubt I got a serum on my person
Lookwho's in the mirror that I'm cursing
Roll out like murakami on emergence end the whole world with a circle

Cook out with sweety she curvy Look at them taking it personally You is the truth
Search for the true

person searching true

You are the person you searching I wanna make all the earth sing

Cooking with sweety she curvy Look at them taking it personally

Im not the person you searching
Surgeon whod cut u up carefully
Not doubt I got serum on my person
Roll up who's in the mirror that in cursing?

Murakami on emergence

Where the wind go test lungs
With its love of the fresh blood
And the sting of a busy bee
Be a beam on wishing my wishing tree

Cooking with sweety she curvy Look at them paying me personally

I just don't understand Why the world won't

must stir the sand

Costellated Night.Light

Night light
Lift off inside Green eye
Of Venus
Sister of a dreamer

Hello to the past and the future man
I Chill in fuchsia with a fairy I am Peter Pan Crystal find the past In computer sand
Find me happy like a movie man

Plus I be feelin insane
So she be fucking wit me
Asking if I want some brain
She not a freak she elite
I could do this for a week
Animals fuck in the trees
Minimal house by the beach
Sad song to a fucking song
If you got a problem then move along

Plus I been feeling it
Telephone Solomon
Calico Telamon
And we go into one
Psylocin imminent
Yea I been feeling alive
Animal I will survive
Pass on our helix and die
Walking in darkness on top of the heartless Conglomerate city of mines

City of mine eye night light

Riding thru meadow and you trynna settle Now your body dropping flower petals

With the sun upon your back Ask for movie heaven
And your broken mask
Tell illusion never

Divine Vegetable Being

Shadow Star standard
Take your banner and your ammo Plant it in my garden where
they bang into lentils

I'm dreaming
Trancing on Cartesian Searching for a genius
Who likes dancing in bikinis Suddenly honey be hunting me Silly me merrily row
Minimal submarine home Thru a Aquarium room
Feelin Subliminal moon

Peeling the paint off the soul Etiquette does not fit yo
You a degenerate bloom Fuck me until I'm consumed Then we could really get to Everything you wanna do Fight for the truth

She dancing like Phoenix in the ashes of all meaning
But Im happy and We evil and We dancing like we demons And I'm Climb up a bean stock to the ceiling
Of the sea
Ya Romulus of roses with the princess and pea

I'm the bed she needs Retry at 30 gs
They Can't understand me Not for a century

Ocean freezing cold
I still dive for souls Sewead is my clothes Bees be in my song Oh

I Hope they hexing you

Riding in a tesla oo
Blessed I can express my love
Wave to God I'm secular
A Prince of time like klehbnikov
Molecular complexion
The invention of a plexi rah
Henchmen in my section gotta check (em for a ventricle) if it's adventure time

Dream commander like Alexander Rah
Light meander like flecks in Amber Rah rah

Brain demanding that every stanza Grow a plaintain
And Light a candle
then you stand up

Your Ice abandoned
Like old bananas in my cabana
Ay animals play
Man made platinum chains
Laughing till your atoms twitch
With sticks and bricks no data on Police still text me battleships
Your Pistol shit can't break my phone Silken robes no asterisk I'll get there For the atom split
Goad the guilty pacifist
Into Teflon vest it fits

Serpent king of sciences Imperfect like Diamond is Purple cloak of ion bliss She eat me like a lioness

Oxy ribose blue Oscillated with a finer you Our shadows fused

Oscillate with ya ladder beam Arachnid on my throne

Postulate that we Adam eve At the fall of all we know

Blow the door from the safe yes rising onto my shit

Blaze with Lazarus Don't wait avarice
You could steer the ship God

Statue Adobe Liberty
Build me a me from banana leaves Helical
not infallible cus I've got allergies Only part me free from
Inimical energy
the snicker of enemies
The legs of the centipede
Beast made of many feet

It's raining heavily heavenly Shimmering spectacle Selling sexuality
Illusion that follow me Silverstein

you cannot cut down my giving tree
It's part the stream divine VEGATABLE being When it breathe we breathe
When in Peace we peace

Salad green growing me celery

of pandas

Melody is meaning
Riding like kenevil
I'm happy and I'm evil and I steal u thru ur speaker

Melon seeds of meaning

Melody is evil
Don't let it deceive you

I'm done having dinner with u
Yea Stand with hands up You see me

Having God for dinner


Oasis oasis that grow like matrix
Stay till I'm placed into Homeostasis Careful the case of the homo sapien Looking away till its automated Careful the words of the ancient nature Paradise birds in their favorite places Fucking singing we serenade them Pyramid asylum for Dionysus

Tell of the virus of mind enlightened Our myelin is Perfect and I am rising Mycelium let me speak to trees

Searching for the perfect weather Certain that I'll find the letters
To describe this cursed desert

You will find the words that let ya Be free

Till realize that you need more Walk a fine line till you find a door Energy signs of mon amor
Move in the night like siphonophore

Inner eye wide as a butterflies
I could see thru to the love inside When I roll by in another mind
Liquor of truth been reduced to volatile Compound of me and yous

Voice Eater

Many voices in the pouring rain Sunny fortress where I spend my days

bodies morphing into ocean waves

But a portion stay within a brain awake

And the voices say change and break your chain Reddish clay

A fully alien vision
We Sailin helium ships and A fairy tale in the distance

And I'm in Paris for dinner Feeding pears to a sinner
She wearing delicate silver and move like nuclear winter
I swim in pools with the fishes Hear me bowling with missiles We tell the killer to heal up Until we burry the pistols

Aerial castle of grasses happily dancing on gaseous Actin Myosin magic
Dracula actually capital
Split right back to the past with em

Buck the Acting ambassador
Leave that shit far behind us
And put the soul in sinus
Like Egyptian mummies in time warps It's time to find where your mind is Orion

Mine is down with the diamonds

Inside obsidian garden
And burning island with fire
In a rhythm with autumn
I see you follow Elijah
And purge the idols from Zion
Hope you find in nirvana another use for your iron

Follow lights
The course your life till you die You lare be to rise