ptahnoia carvings



the tongue

a carving incites the viscera to fully engage readers into the phantasmagoria of the writer's mind


A carver chooses words that carve their own internal beliefs, observations, and emotions into more tangible thoughts out of the ether. Each writer tries to capture our unique identities through strong metaphorical imagery, entertaining word play, and a vernacular that expresses their own character. We write to oscillate in a higher dimension - ride out our own cellular existence through guidance from the Divine to a truer understanding of the self.

This, all body knowledge
Shine myself into the light of lawless

Metaphilosophical structure of the nervous system's transphysical properties

Clug clug clug clug.

The desert ants can eat your aura


humans crossed quickly on

slip-thin bridges of ice to windswept hills,

God is mourning now, unable to speak in clarity,

and whenever she does it is only in hymnals

           see the world was

           wrapping itself 

           around her,

           and not


Because what I do see in their poems

Is not only god, but it is the moment

In which the poet learns love as more than a word

into cold water, my hands found that

the world was underneath

the small of your back.


Inner eye wide as a butterflies, I could see thru to the love inside, When I roll by in another mind


Rivers of light in my body - Float like I'm Ali, Liquid like Dali

mamoun nukumanu


Sick Dogs

Of -- -                                                                  Glat